2021 Art Dump: Clearance of Mind


Below: Artworks I’ve made for Vessels Exhibition under Art for space gallery. Sa Panaginip, Biyayang Malalim, Masayang Paglalagkbay & Bigayan (25×25″, Mixed Media, 2021) & Artworks for Art in the park (22×25″, Mixed Media, 2021)

The start of 2021 allowed me to venture more into my assemblage process. I have grown more comfortable with the use of different materials to express myself through my art. 

Above: Art in the Park Below: Art In the Park Special Edition

I’m grateful enough to be able to be asked by galleries to create works under them. 

Above: Artworks for WWF Bid for future (13×13″, Mixed Media, 2021) & Artworks for exhibitions (36×24″, Mixed Media, 2021)

Below: Art Fair Philippines Entries under Jstudio Gallery.
I’m so happy to be able to join Art Fair Philippines for the first time this year. Tried my best with my current understanding of my art during these times.

Above: Haegeumgang Theme Museum
I was shortlisted as one of the artists who have been accepted to put their works on a Museum in Korea.

Below: Experimental Artworks


Below: Art lamps version 2

Here I’ve managed to learn how to weld the structure of the lamps in order for it to hold it’s form and in order to serve as a brace to attach all the materials of my choice. 

Above: Artworks made from discarded materials like chicken wire embellished with beads.


Above: Pride Installation 2021 

Below: First time to use nets as a material for my work.