2021 Exhibition: (Two Man) Dispersion with Pat Frades

Artists are similar to light dispersions. Just like how a white light refracts into different hues when passing through a prism. We, as artists are trained and honed into becoming a skillfully creative individual. However, our identity varies from one another as soon as we face challenges that evaluate our individual artistry.

This exhibit put into notice two artists that created their own hues after passing through several challenges that honed their sense of artistry. Having their own voice and own art process, these artists created artworks that explore their own expressions of individuality and identity. For Ian, the ability to create artworks that embodies your presence and sense of identity will only come into light once you’ve gone through challenges. For him, he believes that an artistic expression and voice is created with numerous experimentations and trials. Exploration of materials by merging found objects and junk is Ian’s unique way of expressing his identity. The use of such materials and methods have allowed the birth of his abstracted and heavily textured works. 

For Pat, the discovery of styles is endless. It’s the compilation of experiences, inspirations and challenges that gives birth to your own unique style. Using clay as her medium, she experiences spontaneity of the process wherein her pieces are created without rules and boundaries. Her style elaborates a combination of colorful mushrooms and coral-like elements.

Proving that expressions as artists differ from one another, the two artists collaborated in creating an exhibition that shows uniqueness and exploration of materials. Hoping to inspire other emerging and aspiring artists, this exhibition hopes to answer and expound the essence of questioning one’s uniqueness.