Ian Inoy is a gender-fluid multidisciplinary artist from the Philippines whose works bring you to a whimsical take on expressions tackling humanity and its reflections towards the self and the environment. Ian’s process of assemblage art using mixed media (a marriage between new and junk) allows him to create works of art that encapsulates his experiences, learnings and understandings of the world around him. To him, the process of creating unusual forms, which seemingly creates an illusion of life to non-living things, are his way of trying to allow humanity to be more understanding towards their own environments. Taking his array of vivid colors and unique use of materials, Ian Hopes that his works (in all disciplines) act as catalysts for people to be sensitive towards personal and environmental issues. He believes that with the process mentioned, he can not only create new things but also allow him to be able to support great causes towards human advancements as an artist.

“My love for the ocean and all that lies within it will always be a priority. When I dive underwater I don’t feel like sinking but rather flying, hovering above creatures of sorts.

I made this website to gather all the artworks I’ve created which portrays my interpretation of the beauty underneath. I strongly hope that with these works I can influence people, impact them and encourage them to save lives other than our own.

Welcome, new friends! I hope you enjoy checking out my works and creations.”

-Ian Inoy