2020 Exhibition: (Two Man)Fluidity with Lara Latosa

What is the extent of fluidity?


How does an artist express his/her own fluidity?


To be fluid is to be able to flow freely. This also means that because of the indefinite structure of fluidity it undergoes plenty of changes, may it be in shapes, content and etc. There are plenty of ways to express one’s fluidity in whatever discipline one chooses. The main idea for it is to be able to break free from social structures created to box ideas. When doing such, the ability to elaborate your identity is hindered and trapped.


The artists involved in this 2 man/woman exhibition, Ian Inoy and Lara Latoza, created their own ways of expressing the sense of fluidity. For Ian, his understanding of fluidity is when you allow yourself to burst out of the boxes that obstruct one’s creativity. With his works he allowed different elements to interact with each other which then extended outwards creating an illusion of spreading and reaching out to the space around. It is his way of expressing the embodiment of fluidity as individuals interacting with their own surroundings. On the other hand Lara’s interpretation of fluidity is expressed through the movement of her abstracted imagery of waves and how it interacts with its surroundings. In her works we can see how waves dance and flow through one another. The meaning behind her works means to mimic the moods of the ocean -from the calmness of the sea, to the depths of the water beneath them and then the roaring waves crashing through each other.


The two artists allowed their own practices to explore the sense of fluidity. Hoping to inspire others to breakaway from their own hindrances as well. In retrospect, this exhibit is meant to also create a conversation with the viewers and their interpretation of the theme. It is an invitation to explore the deepest thoughts of their minds answering the questions of- 1. What boundaries would you like to surpass? or 2.How do you intend to move with the-ever changing world?