2020 Exhibition: (Two-Man)
Polysemy with Nudista


Below: Wrapped, Bound, Cornered, Cradled (10x10x16″, Mixed Media, 2020)

Exhibition Images

Polysemy is an exhibition of two-totally different disciplines. I ( a visual and performance artist)and Nudista (a performer and bdsm/bondage switch) had came up with this show in order to show how we can use different types of mediums to be able to relay messages and information about real life situations such as environmental issues. 

Here we showed a bondage performance that explains how we as humans are actually riggers of the earth’s life. We are actually in control of how things could end up afterwards. This means that if we loosen our grips on the necks of other species, we could make a better future. This theme was the the main theme of the performance as well as the artworks we created together for the show.

Above: Sunken Memories No. 1,2,3 & 4 (10x10x16″, Mixed Media, 2020)

Photoshoot for Materials