2020 Performance: A collection

Hanggang Sa Muli

Hanggang Sa Muli is a release of emotions that deals with letting go of important things in your life that’s currently not doing good to you anymore. Along with that it is release towards letting go of inner battles, letting yourself free from the damages it may cause.

The Agony of Waiting

There is hardship felt in waiting. When you are in that situation, you don’t know how to exactly feel. Somewhat you feel lost, numb, stressed and agitated on what would happen next. This performance is my take on the experience of waiting for something without visions.

Ipaubaya sa Pangako

How do you deal with promises? How does waiting for promises feel like? This performance is my way of expressing those thoughts. A promise is something you wait for to happen. With it, you hope for the better and to believe in the words uttered.

Silent Night

Letting go and believing in miracles is the main idea of this performance. Here I allowed myself to surrender fully to the feeling of a silent night.


There is no words to express my gratitude towards unexpected scenarios that happened to me last 2020. This performance is my way of saying thank you to all the things I’ve experienced.