2019 Installation & Performance Hybrid:


Parallel perspectives (Under the sea)

The idea for the installation is to reflect a parallel perspective. How does it look like under the sea. I’ve used soft plastics (used garbage bags), to depict a scenario that’s happening beneath the surface. This is a reality that we must be aware of. Our seas is currently being occupied by plastics that float above the surface. Gathering into groups and occupying the space that’s left. 

What I did with this performance and installation hybrid is that I’ve used soft plastic to be a surface to project the performance recorded as video. This is to create a sense of parallelism between two worlds.


Would you kill another human being?

Inhumane is my first attempt in creating a performance art piece. In this performance, I wanted to question the perception of human beings towards other entities. by acting as a coral. 

Corals are always mistreated as rocks or sea plants, what we do not know is that these species are actually communities of living organisms that are identical to how we live as human beings. Because of these false ideas, human tend to destroy these species, causing a rapid decrease in their numbers. 

Walking you through the performance itself, I (as the artist) try to take you in different scenarios that creates an imagery of the natural lifestyle of humanity or human nature. Dressing up as a coral, I try to move in these scenarios to show how we should change our perception when it comes to how we treat these species.