2019 Art Dump: The Birth of the an Art Identity


Above: Moribund, Intoxicated, Ecstatic (13×13″, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019), Ameliorate (24×24″, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019), Obscure & Net Corals (Digital Art, 2019), Night Dive & Crowded (12×12″, Mixed Media, 2019) 

The first year of my visual arts comeback allowed me to connect with subjects that I am very fond of, which in this case are marine and aquatic life. Here, I tried imitating their essence by drawing them as patterns through the process of doodling and overlapping the images over one another. After few experimentations and explorations, I started disrupting the purity of its image and form and broke them into a more abstracted imagery. Within the same year, I’ve also started playing with colors and using unconventional tools to create the patterns in my mind. This is where I’ve became fond of textures and overlapping process in creating art. 

Below: Diwata (36×24″, Acrylic on Canvas. 2019), Sa Ilalim (24×24″, Acrylic on Canvas. 2019), My pet (6×6″, Acrylic on Wood), Treasures and Gold (8×10″, Mixed Media., 2019)Connected (30×30″, Mixed Media, 2019) & You’ve Got Your Mother’s Eyes (36×24″., Mixed Media. 2019), 

I’ve also ventured into trying out adding figures on the year 2019. Because I was still unsure on whether I should go for the non-representational or representational works, I tried exploring into merging both their qualities in a low-brow art. There was also a time when I explored on using the patterns of marine life to shape other forms like a dog or a nudibranch. Moreover the images I’ve created on these works are alienated imagery of marine and aquatic species, an idea that came up trying to answer what a creature would look like if pollution continues to flow in our waters.  During these times, I was also in the beginning period of exploring the use of mixed media by adding plastics to my works. It’s obvious how I grew fond of them because it added textures to my works.


Below: Pour it in (3x4x3″, Mixed Media, 2019), Reconstructed (2x3x2″, Mixed Media, 2019), Just Dine Beneath (7x4x5″, Mixed Media, 2019) & Deceitful (7x14x6″, Mixed Media, 2019)

Above: Release (3x3x3″, Mixed Media, 2019) & Night Visit (6x13x6″, Mixed Media, 2019)

During 2019, I’ve also tried to venture on creating sculptures using the assemblage method. Here I worked with junk and scraps merged with art materials to be able to be more durable and more into the aesthetic appeal that I want. I’ve also tried incorporating light sources in my sculptures. Creating lamps and candles have been some of the experimentations I’ve did during this year.