2020 Art Dump:
Experimentation & Exploration


Above: For my mom, For my dad (12×12″. Mixed Media, 2020), Specimen 1, Specimen 2 (16×16″, Mixed Media, 2020), Wounded, Dreamy, Colorless, Sugar rush (14×14″, Mixed Media 2020), Deep Dive & Freedive (37×25″, Mixed Media , 2020), Kaliskis & Palikpik (12×12″. Mixed Media. 2020)

The year 2020 allowed me to be more comfortable with using mixed media assemblage as my artistic process. Because of this, I’ve managed to create more works that freely expressed how I want to show in my art. 

Below: Artworks in 24×24″, 24×36″ and 36×48″. Acrylic on Canvas, 2020 & Untextured Acrylic on Canvas Artworks

However because I was still confused and too overwhelmed with things, I still continued on trying to use pure mediums and also play with representational imagery. By doing so, I tried to break the images more and more and ended up liking abstraction better.

Below: Stripped, Blow My Mind, Together, Disperse (18×24″, Mixed Media, 2020)

I’ve also continued on creating abstract works on different materials e.g. paper, wood and canvas. 

Below: Artworks in  6×8″, Acrylic on Watercolor paper, 2020, Artworks in 16×16″, Acrylic on Canvas, 2020, Artworks on 8×10″, Acrylic on Watercolor paper, 2020, Diptych artworks on 8×10″, Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas,2020 & Artworks on 22×25″ Acrylic on Wood, 2020.



Above: Balms, Candles, Bags and Earrings, 2020

One thing I’ve experimented on as well was the motivation to create sculptures that can be used in a daily basis. This was my way of connecting art and lifestyle. 

Below: Toys, 2020

I’ve also started on creating toys that could be played or collected.

Below: Artworks on ceramic, 2020
I’ve also ventured on creating works that are influenced by other countries. The sculptures below were inspired by Kintsugi, the application of using gold to seal cracks and broken vases or ceramics. 

I’ve also started creating mini-works that could be sculptures on tables and/or hanging sculptures for walls.

I’ve also created this type of sculptures which I plan to recreate in a larger scale.